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Beware of Malicious Emails

Are you protecting your credit and identity in every way? Many consumers face credit issues that stem from identity theft. One security threat we are seeing on the rise are malicious emails. How can you tell if the email you have received is real or malicious? Today...
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5 Ways to Minimize Being Upside Down on a Car Loan

What does it mean to be "upside down" on your car loan?

Being “upside down” on your car loan simply means the present value of the car purchased is lower than the present amount owed on the loan. For example, you buy a car for $13,000. A year...
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Credit Inquiries: What You Need to Know

Understanding how credit works can be tricky. One good example? Credit inquiries.   What Is a Hard Inquiry? A hard inquiry occurs when an individual applies for any type of credit.  So why should you be concerned about a hard inquiry? This type of credit report check will lower your credit...
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