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Benefits to Using An Apartment Locator Service

Getting an Apartment with Bad Credit

For renters who have struggled with bad credit, the idea of filling out an application to rent a new apartment can be stressful, to say the least. Fortunately there are a few strategies that can help, including one some renters don’t even realize is an option-using an apartment locator service.


Honesty Is The Best Policy

It is very important to answer all the questions on your application honestly. The credit check your potential new landlord will run can reveal a great deal about your credit scores and past credit habits, but it can also show inconsistencies on your application for what they are. People who try to conceal a past history of credit mistakes or other issues won’t get very far with the landlord, but those who are honest about their desire to continue working to fix their credit may find an ally at their new rental complex.

When you work with an apartment locator service, this is one of the first things your locator rep will explain-bad credit is not necessarily a barrier to getting a new rental property if you can use certain strategies effectively.


Emphasize Your Financial Strengths

A letter of recommendation from your current employer might just be what your future new landlord needs to help justify taking a chance on a renter with credit currently under repair. Why is this a good idea? Because the rental company that understands that your current employment is stable and likely to continue won’t worry about your ability to pay the rent. A letter from your employer can help establish that as a fact.

The same is true if you are receiving government benefits such as Post-9/11 GI Bill housing stipends, disability payments, or other income from well-known sources. Be sure to include documentation of these types of benefits, it could make a difference when it comes time to approve your rental application. Ask your apartment locator service representative how and when to provide this documentation.


Offer A Larger Security Deposit

This is an option some don’t consider, and while the up-front financial “hit” you take by paying more can require extra time to save up for, it does make for a powerful incentive for your new landlord. Making this offer implies a type of financial security the rental company wants to see, and you may also be able to offset this expense with our next tip below:


Use The Apartment Locator Service To Negotiate Your Rental Terms

An apartment locator service such as Dallas Sky Lofts can work on your behalf in a variety of ways. For starters, the locator service knows which landlords might be more forgiving of bad credit situations as long as the renter meets their criteria. But these services can also work on your behalf in other ways, such as negotiating free first-month’s rent to offset a larger down payment, for example. Apartment locator services can also help bad credit renters with advice and guidance on how to bring up credit scores and/or creditworthiness using the apartment rental as a strategy. Dallas Sky Lofts provides some excellent advice in this area!



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