Late Payments: When Do They Affect My Credit Scores?

Your payment history is the biggest factor on your credit report. Payment history makes up 35% of your credit score. This determines your track record. Are you a responsible borrower, or a risky borrower? Lenders will look at this factor to determine the possible risk of you defaulting on their loan.

If you are only a few days late the good news is this shouldn’t reflect on your credit. You may though acquire an additional late fee affecting your pocket a bit more. Any late payments under 30 days are not reported to the bureaus. Late payments are reported at 30 , 60 , 90 , 120 and 150 days (usually at this point the account is charged off).

Expect to see late payments reflect on your credit report once they are 30 plus days late. Any late payment is bad, but the more delinquent the payment is the more likely of a chance it will cause a bigger damage to your score. Of course as with any credit issue the damage it can cause will also be determined by overall factors reflecting within each individuals report.

Whether it reflects on your credit report or not, you definitely do not want to get into the habit of making late payments. It’s a slippery slope! Late payment habits can lead to more delinquent accounts, full neglect of accounts, and eventually end with collections. Collections at this point are much more damaging and can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years.

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