Why Choose Us for Credit Repair Services?

How to choose the best credit repair company

If the credit repair process is too strenuous or tedious for you, there are a couple of things to consider before hiring professional assistance. There are many choices available for credit repair services. Here are many reasons why you should choose MSI Credit Solutions for your credit repair needs.

What a credit repair company should do for you:

1. Inform you of your rights as a consumer

A credit repair company should inform you of your legal rights as a consumer. In 1996, the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) was signed into law to protect the public from unfair or deceptive advertising and business practices by credit repair organizations. By law, credit repair organizations must give you a copy of your Consumer Credit File Rights under state and federal law before you sign a contract. In addition, the company should also provide you with a written Notice of Cancellation that explains your three-day waiting period. Read these documents before you sign anything!

MSI Credit Solutions will provide all these documents within your initial agreement prior to starting services.

2. Help you determine if credit repair is right for you.

Prior to starting a credit repair program, a consultation should be provided. Credit repair is not for everyone. Your credit should be fully reviewed to get to understand your situation and determine if this is the right direction for you.

MSI Credit Solutions has expert credit consultants who will review  your credit information to determine the best route for you.

3. Dispute items at all levels.

Find out the extent of the services that will be provided to you. Will the credit repair company dispute items only at the bureau level, or will they go to the extent of also contacting creditors and collection agencies? You want to find a company who will dispute the items on all levels for best results.

MSI Credit Solutions disputes on all levels: credit bureaus, original creditors, and collection agencies.

4. Guarantee positive results on your credit report.

Does the company offer any guarantees? Be sure that the guarantee offered is listed within your contract or agreement. Also ask what kind of results are averaged? Do they have an average deletion or time frame rate? You can always check reviews of credit repair companies through credible review sites such as GoogleFacebook, and Angies List.

MSI guarantees the performance of all services set forth in this Agreement in obtaining an accurate credit report on behalf of the Client, as follows: if the client meets all obligations under paragraph 4 above, and the client has less than 3 total deletions across any bureaus (Transunion, Experian, Equifax), MSI will refund to client initial service fees previously paid. 

Client Obligations:

Client understands it is essential for Client to fully cooperate with MSI in order to obtain an accurate credit report. Client will promptly forward all communication from credit reporting agencies, collection agencies and creditors to MSI. Client must have credit monitoring that contains information from all 3 bureaus refreshed monthly. Client must have paid all 6 monthly processing fees. Client must not have been deactivated due to nonpayment (client must never have been inactive). Client must provide beginning and ending credit report by the same credit monitoring company. If obligations of the client are not completed during the term of this agreement the MSI guarantee will be null and void. 

  • Client will promptly forward all communication from credit reporting agencies, collection agencies and creditors to MSI.
  • Client must have paid all 6 monthly processing fees.

If obligations of the client are not completed during the agreed term MSI guarantee will be null and void.

5. Provide a price after reviewing your credit report.

Be wary of any companies that provide a price prior to reviewing your credit report. Please be advised that this is a red flag. Each individual’s credit information is unique and should be thoroughly reviewed to have an understanding of what each individual’s needs are. Companies that provide a price prior to a review are making an uneducated guess. Also, beware of companies that may charge a smaller fee but require you to stay in the program for a longer duration of time, thus stretching your price out.

MSI Credit Solutions will comprehensively review your credit report, understand you needs, and provide a pricing once a consultation has been fully completed. We understand that your needs are specific to you.

6. Offer a contract that includes a written agreement and the ability to cancel.

A company cannot perform any services until they have your signature on a written contract and have completed a three-day waiting period. During this time, you have the right to cancel the contract without paying any fees. After this time period, services may begin, and it is your responsibility to know the credit repair company’s cancellation policy.

The written contract must specify the following information:

• The payment terms for services, including the total cost.
• A detailed description of the services to be completed.
• A time period of how long it will take to achieve the results.
• Any specific guarantees the company offers.
• The company’s logistical information such as name and business address.

MSI Credit Solutions honors this three day cancellation period as well as provides a written agreement that includes all of the above information.

7. Provide guidance throughout the entire credit repair process.

One of the best ways credit repair can help is by having you be involved. A credit repair company should also provide you guidance on how to maintain your credit score. Credit repair is a team effort and all aspects of the process should be covered. This guidance can include what proper lines of credit to obtain, how to maintain lines of credit, and how not to use lines of credit to avoid credit scores decreasing.

MSI Credit Solutions will become your most trusted ally in the credit repair process. MSI will guide you along the way to assure that not only you credit is cleaned up, but that you are also set for success in continuing to maintain your newly repaired credit.

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