Lexington Law Vs. MSI Credit Solutions

When choosing a credit repair company the most important question you will face is:
“Do I prefer low priced or great quality services?”


Comparing lower priced credit repair services such as Lexington Law to great quality credit repair services such as MSI Credit Solutions is equivalent to comparing a dollar burger at a fast food joint versus a carefully crafted burger at a highly rated restaurant.

Cost vs. Quality
Which would you prefer?

Credit repair cost versus quality


Timeframe and Quality of Services
Lexington Law builds a lot of its reputation by its constant marketing. Credit repair companies like Lexington Law charge a very appealing, no contract, and low monthly cost for their credit repair services. What they may not tell you is that although they do offer a low price for their services, they only provide 1/3 of the credit repair services actually needed. Consequently, because 100% of services are not provided, this drags out the timeframe of services, and in the long run does not result in many savings.


As stated in our service agreement, MSI Credit Solutions’ credit repair program lasts a total of 180 days. On average, results can be seen as early as 30-45 days.* Clients on average reach their desired credit score within 90 days.*
MSI Credit Solutions additionally works on all levels. MSI Credit Solutions’ process consists of auditing questionable accounts with:

  • Major Credit Bureaus Equifax, Experian, and Transunion
  • Original Creditors
  • Collection Agencies


Guidance Every Step of the Way
MSI Credit Solutions not only offers credit repair services to assist in removing inaccurate items from your credit reports, we also offer consulting services to guide you along the way.

Here are some of the additional consulting services you will receive:

  • Customer service support for any questions regarding your file
  • Continuous credit education from our team of credit professionals
  • Continuous credit education from our blogs and email subscriptions
  • Coaching and assistance to establish new credit to help build credit scores
  • Network of mortgage lenders- Don’t have a lender to work with for your home loan? MSI can refer you to one of our experienced lenders in our network.
  • Debt negotiation services to assist in settling any pending or validated accounts
  • Services to help remove disputes, when you are ready to close on your home loan


Guaranteed Results
Along with the great quality services you receive with MSI, we additionally offer an unmatched service guarantee. Lexington Law offers no set time frame or guarantee of results.


Highly Rated Services
Lexington Law may show testimonials on their own site, but it is hard to find these testimonials on credible sites such as the following where MSI Credit Solutions rates 4+ stars.


Why Choose Credit Repair?
Did you know one in five consumers has an error on their credit report? Five percent of consumers also face errors that might affect their credit scores, consequently resulting in high interest rates. Your credit score determines your buying power and your interest rates when it comes to credit cards, auto loans, home loans, and even insurance. Even a slight 1.5% in interest can save you thousands per year.


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