Finance Tips for the Young Consumer

“If only I could go back and guide my younger self on how to properly manage my finances I would..”

If only time machines did exist. Unfortunately we cannot go back and tell our younger selves what to watch out for. Though, we hope...

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Identity Theft

Identity theft is a scary thing and can cause a lot of financial issues down the road. It’s good to be prepared and knowledgeable should a situation like this ever arise. We sincerely hope you never have to look to some of these tips! Prevention A lot of the...
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Distinguishing Credit Reports and Scores

As if credit wasn’t hard enough to understand, consumers often face difficulties understanding differences between reports. We will be covering some of the main questions we face from our clients. Does pulling my credit report hurt my scores? This question will depend on what type of inquiry you are...
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Why You Should Avoid Collections

If you should ever find yourself in a position where an account falls behind and you can no longer make the payments it is best to try and address the account before it moves through the phases of collections. Speak with your lender as soon as possible...
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