How to Stop Debt Collectors From Contacting You

Debt collectors can be pretty ruthless and aggressive. They will go to extreme measures as to calling family members and your place of employment. Whether it be something you cannot pay, or believe the collector may be contacting you by mistake, find out who they are and what they are contacting you about. Keep information you give to them to a minimum. Too many times consumers have been talked into paying debts that may not be legitimately theirs, or may be inaccurately reporting. If after speaking with them you decide that you do not want the collector contacting you, notify the collection company in writing to cease contact to you. Once the collector receives your letter, the FDPCA allows the collector to contact you one final time, in writing, to let you know what action, if any, the collector will take next.

The Cease and Desist Request
Providing a collection company a Cease and Desist letter is the best way to stop collectors from contacting you. This letter will not get rid of the alleged debt owed but it will stop the harassing phone calls.

At the bottom of this page you will find a template Cease and Desist letter that you can customize and use if you find yourself in this situation. Make a copy of this letter for your records. Be sure that you send the original letter by certified mail and also pay the extra postage for the “return receipt” on your certified mail. This will ensure you have further documentation for your records that the collector received this notice.

When the collection company receives this letter, debt collectors may not contact you again. Contact can be made only with the following exceptions:

•           Notification to verify that no further contact will be made

•           Notification of intent to take further action (Example: filing a lawsuit)

Again, requesting a Cease and Desist does not eliminate the alleged debt owed. Since requesting a cease and desist does not eliminate the alleged debt, the original creditor or collection company can sue you in attempts to collect the debt. If you find this process to be too tedious, rest assured that MSI Credit Solutions can assist you with the Cease and Desist process, as well as offer other credit repair services.

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