I worked for a rent to own company for almost 9 years experiencing customer service, sales, collections, advertising, and managing a store. Although I loved what I did, especially our clients, I felt that there was a better calling for me. I knew that there was something else for me that would allow me to change people’s lives. In 2009 I finally decided to answer that calling and joined the MSI Credit Solutions team.

Through life’s personal experiences I came to understand the importance of credit in 2002 when I financed my first car. Not having any credit at this time in my life made me lose control of my purchase. I walked in wanting one car, but drove out with what they could put me in. This is when I decided to take charge. As years went by, the decision to extend our family in 2007 was made and we made the decision to find a home to call our own. I found that purchasing a home is more relied on having a qualifying credit score to get APPROVED, and not so much about how much money you have to put down. My credit experience did not stop there, when applying for my career change in 2009 with MSI Credit Solutions my credit was also checked. I wondered why this? Well in order to educate our clients of the importance of having great credit I needed to be an example as well.

One thing I observed in the rent to own business was that not all but most clients dealt with challenged credit. Clients were approved if they were employed, able to afford the scheduled payments as NO CREDIT CHECK was advertised. Well this was great news to some, but not to the clients that had goals such as I did of purchasing a home, car, or seeking new employment that required a CREDIT CHECK!

Over the course of the years being a part of MSI Credit Solutions’ team I have gained experience from different positions that have brought me to where I am now.

2009-2011 Credit Consultant
2011-2013 Client Services Manager
September 2013-Current Director of Operations