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How to Best Use Your Stimulus Check Funds

Not sure how to use your stimulus check? Here are some tips.

Now that you've gotten your stimulus check, you may be wondering about how you can best use it to shore up your finances in these trying times. We have a few tips here:

  • Make minimum...
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Financial Tips to Consider During COVID-19 Crisis

Follow these four tips to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic

1. Stay on the job hunt & get a side hustle

Although many employers may have shut down and laid off workers, there are still many essential businesses operating. These essential businesses have a high demand...
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What is a 1099-C Form and Why Did I Get It?

Were any of your debts fully forgiven? Did you negotiate any debts this year? You may get a 1099-C Form.

A 1099-C Form, also known as a Cancellation of Debt Form, is usually filed when the lender whom you’ve made a negotiation...

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