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Category Archives: Credit Repair Services

60 Minutes Report: 40 Million Mistakes: Is your credit report accurate?

If you haven’t watched the 60 Minutes report regarding the recent study indicating that as many as 40 million consumers have an inaccuracy on their report, we recommend you do! Read more

Will closing old credit accounts help my credit score?

When closing old and unused credit accounts you must be careful in doing so as it does have positive and negative affects. It can help you avoid unnecessary fees and also help protect against identity theft. On the other hand it can also drop your scores if...
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How Does No Debt Impact a Credit Score?

To pick up on our previous post on ‘How Does Income Impact a Credit Score?’ we will be discussing another misconception about debt and how it affects your credit. Many consumers commonly believe the fallacy that if you have no debt you will have good credit. Consumers with no...
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