Keep Calm and Gift Responsibly

Thanksgiving is this week and after all the festivities on Thursday many will flock to stores for holiday deals. Things can get pretty stressful around this time of the year, so be sure you stop, breathe, and plan things out. So how can you try to avoid the stress?

  • Set a budget. Plan this in advance before you go out. Try your best to avoid going out on a whim, maxing out your credit cards or even worse end up spending your bill money. Gift giving is great, but be sure stop and take a step back. Why is a specific person on your list, do they really need a big gift from you, or would a simple card suffice? 
  • Make a list, check it twice, and find who’s been naughty or nice. On a serious note though, prioritize! I have learned to do this with my family. As our family keeps growing it’s hard to gift 20 plus family members and friends. Who is top priority on your list? Your significant other and children more than likely are to the top. Focus on these people in your life, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get a gift for everyone. Remember that’s not the only meaning to the holiday season. 
  • Find alternatives and get creative. If you still want to gift to everyone you can always make gifts. I have fallen in love with Pinterest as it has a plethora of great ideas. Now I know some of us can’t even draw a stick figure if our lives depended on it, so there are other options. Over the past couple of years my family has instead adopted the secret Santa method with a set spending limit for the person who was assigned to us. You can also make it more fun and hold a white elephant gift exchange instead.

At the end of the day a gift is a gift, but we also don’t want to cut out the holiday fun and gift giving. Focus on what’s important. Cherish your family and be thankful. Make memories that will last a life time, and don’t stress about a gift that may not even last for the next year. Enjoy the holidays!


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