How Does No Debt Impact a Credit Score?

To pick up on our previous post on ‘How Does Income Impact a Credit Score?’ we will be discussing another misconception about debt and how it affects your credit. Many consumers commonly believe the fallacy that if you have no debt you will have good credit. Consumers with no...
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How Does Income Impact a Credit Score?

There is a common misconception that a person with a high income would have a high credit score. This is not necessarily true. No matter if you are an individual on minimum wage, or a millionaire your credit score will depend on how you manage and maintain...
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Steps to Healthy Credit

There are five main and basic steps to help you work towards healthy credit. Managing credit can be easy if you take the time and gain a little knowledge on how your scores are calculated.
  1. Be Punctual- Be sure to always pay your bills on time each month....
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